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22nd of October 2018
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Maintenance Hangar: F-5E - Virtual 57th Wing

Maintenance Hangar: F-5E

Configuring Mil Power
Validated as of version DCS World

The F-5E has a setting in the controls option called "Throttle Range". This button allows you to prevent the throttle from progressing to afterburner (i.e. limiting to Mil power). It works as a toggle: Press it once and you're limited, press again and the limiter is disabled.This may prove useful for anyone without a physical detent on their throttle. Note: Mil power in the F-5E is ~103 Percent RPM.

If you have a Wathog throttle, with a physical afterburner detent, my present values for mil power are: Set each throttle to "Slider", and a curve of "11". Other throttle owners with phyiscal detents may discover their values by using the Controls Indicator. ED has also added a visual aid (cross line) for Mil to the Controls Indicator pop up.

Also, if you have a Warthog, and are not familiar with "filing down" the Afterburner detent so that you can push through the stop, here's a quick image: ... #post55819
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