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Wednesday, April 8, 2020
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Re: So...

Thanks for the intro Mar, welcome to the v57th!

by Reaper on 18th Dec 19 at 06:17

Re: Hey Guys!

Hi Kippy, thanks for the intro! In some areas I know how you feel. Welcome at the v57th!

by Reaper on 18th Dec 19 at 06:14

Re: So...

Did I mention that I beat Redshift in a dogfight? ;)

by Mar on 16th Dec 19 at 20:05


Greetings. I am a friend of Kippy's way back from the Aces High days. I hate typing big paragraphs, so I'm going to copypasta my intro to Redshift from when I joined the 8th. The difference is that I became an IP in the 8th, and I graduated college. My name is Mar, and

by Mar on 16th Dec 19 at 20:03

Re: Hey Guys!

Ha! I forgot all about the threat wall jokes! Glad to have you here dude!

by Rybo on 16th Dec 19 at 09:26

Hey Guys!

I'm Kippy, formerly known as "Sleepy" from the disbanded 163rd vFS. After being introduced to a WWII sim called "Aces High" seven-ish years ago that started an addiction, I eventually found DCS in August of 2014, and now I find myself here. I never would have guessed that flight simmin

by Kippy on 16th Dec 19 at 07:07


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