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the Virtual 57th Wing
Tuesday, September 22, 2020
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v65th pilots, off-duty workout with our warbirds a... Posted: 17th September 2020 17:39 by Toby

65th vAGRS has completed the exploitation update o... Posted: 13th September 2020 18:20 by Toby

8 SEP 2020, 65th vAGRS completed its first SEAD/DE... Posted: 13th September 2020 01:38 by Toby

Getting Tactical Posted: 07th June 2020 14:50 by Dojo

The Virtual 57th takes delivery of 4 JF-17 Thunder... Posted: 11th January 2020 13:37 by Dojo

An A-10C from the 66th WPS firing the gun at a str... Posted: 26th October 2019 19:55 by Sawamura

LotATC 1.2.2 Upgrade Testing commences for the Vir... Posted: 17th August 2019 21:20 by Dojo

Two F-5 Tiger II from the Virtual 59th TES en rout... Posted: 15th August 2019 17:49 by Sawamura

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